Dinosaurs Go {RAWR}


The Kid is obsessed with dinosaurs. Little figurines, big ones, fluffy dinosaur toys, big battery-operated ones. He has dinosaurs of every single shape, colour and size.

He has a dinosaur that he cuddles while he’s falling asleep. His favourite game? Stomp around shouting ‘rawwwr’, pretending to be dinosaurs. If there’s anything with dinosaurs on TV, he’ll watch it.


He is starting to learn the names too:

Triceratops: he says “seratops”
Stegasaurus: he says “seggasaurus”
Pteradactyl: he says “dactyl”

Now mommy needs to learn the names too. Been far too long since school days.

As long as it’s not Barney The Dinosaur, I’m okay with it.


If I Had One Wish…

for one thing to buy off the interwebz for The Kid’s birthday, it would be some of these:

These toys just really tickle my imagination.

And I adore these:

mosaic9048841And these, just make me wish I was a kid all over again:

mosaic4313853I could spend hours on Flickr, admiring these toys, but I cant…

And unfortunately, money is spent on crappy nappies and the stuff for making crappy nappies formula, so will just have to borrow the Kid’s drool towel for now.

It’s Your Birthday…

..soon…On the 13th of November, and you’ll be a whole ONE YEAR OLD!

…and there’s lots of

things I’d love to buy you, Kid.

1. Such as this ‘iPood’ babygro. It’s far too cute. And it’s available in blue as well. This really made me snort while I laughed. Iwould need to get you18months + because you’re getting so big. Available here. Also the ‘dont bother me, I’m downloading’ babygro is classic.

"i made a boom-boom, ma"

2. A baby activity pool. Because, seriously, how cool is this? And we all know how much of a water baby you are! By the way, the site says: water not included!

3. A Nooboo Pound-A-Sound Activity set – beat the crap out of the toy with a hammer, to hear the music/noises . You’d be in heaven.

4. Easy PC Keyboard. Because I know how much you love bashing away on the laptop I have. And how much you love to stand in front of the PC and switch it on and off repeatedly.
5. Learning Puppy. I bought one of these for your cousin, and you were with me. You absolutely loved this thing, and cried when I took it away from you. Making me feel like such a bad mommy because I didn’t buy you one as well. You loved pressing his hand/foot/tummy and listening to the puppy talk and sing to you.
But….yup, you guessed it. I’m probably going to buy you nappies and formula. Because that’s what broke bad mommies do. Sorry my love. 😉