Moving Up and Out

It would appear that it’s time to ditch the cot. Why? Because my Kid thinks it’s greatawesometheofbest fun to climb in and out of it.

1. Climb up onto the rails:


2. Fling yourself *over* the rails and land on the mattress with a thump:


3. Grab a book and try to look inconspicuous and well-behaved when your mother peers over the rail of your cot:


4. You could try pretending to read. Just pretend that your mother doesn’t know you cant read yet. Also, you might need to pretend your book isn’t upside down:


5. If all else fails, try hiding and/or acting adorable:


So it’s time to shop for a Big Boy Bed – any suggestions on where to look or what to look out for?


This Is How It’s Done:

I love watching my Kid do things. Even simple things like sit outside and eat a yoghurt. Why? Because he gets every single possible ounce of enjoyment out of what he’s doing. He experiences everything there is to experience about that moment and thoroughly enjoys it. A good way to live life:

1. Make sure you don’t restrict the yoghurt entirely to your face area. Why bother only putting it in your mouth when you can spread it everywhere all over your entire body?


2. That being said, don’t forget to aim for your face at least *some* of the time. After all, it does taste good:


3. When aiming for your face, don’t forget to open REALLY WIDE so as to increase the chances of the spoon finding it’s way into your mouth:


4.Admire the scenery while you enjoy your mouthful of yoghurt:


5. Then smear some down your shirt:yoghurtsmeardownshirt

6. Then spill some {more} on your legs:


7. Don’t forget about the dog:


8. Take a moment to ponder on the deliciousness of yoghurt. The wonderousness that is The Batman Yoghurt. Raspberry-Mallow flavour.yoghurtspoonlip

9. Just when your mother thinks you’re getting the whole eating-a-yoghurt-by-yourself-like-a-big-boy thing down right, pull a stunt like this:


10. Oh my dear, sweet funny little Kid, I love you so much right now:


11. You are so your mother’s child:


A Tale of Two Dummies


The Kid loves his dummy. Hardly ever lets his dummy go. Except when he goes to daycare, or I take it away from him when he’s playing. But if he needs to sleep, he needs his dummy. If we need to take him with us  shopping, he needs his dummy. It keeps his mouth shut and keeps him relatively quiet.

He’s going on 2 now, and I’m thinking it might be time to ditch the dummy. Which might prove difficult, because he asks for his dummy if I take it away. And he knows where the dummies are kept, and sometimes helps himself to more than just one.

I need help. How does one go about ditching the dummy? Kicking the habit and keeping it kicked?

I Love

dscn0541….watching The Kid eat.

It’s a completely new experience for him, and he enjoys every second of it. He squelches food in his hands, mashes it onto his feeding tray and experiences every different texture.

He has not yet learnt about manners, and how to eat with his mouth closed, so when he eats, he focuses completely on enjoyment. He doesn’t worry about getting food on his face, in his hair, down his front or in his ears. He just focuses on the taste and smell.

He’s completely willing to experiment, and will eat anything I put in front of him. Even celery. Although if he doesn’t like something, or has had enough, he’s quick to spit it out, or remove it from his mouth with his hands.

He loves fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruit. As much of it as he can get. I admire his total lack of interest in a spoon or a fork, as well. His fingers and hands serve him perfectly in this regard, and it’s easiest to get the food into his mouth this way.

I think we as adults and so-called ‘civilised people’ worry too much about things like plates and cutlery. Serviettes, and staying clean.

A reminder of where we once were, and how we once ate, as babies, could serve to bring much enjoyment back to meal-times!

Happy Birthday

to my son.

Born on the 13th of November 2008 at 10:18AM weighing 3.76kg and 54cm long!

dscn0838Looking forward to the next twenty years…

First Word…

The Kid said his. And no, it wasn’t ‘fuck’ like I thought it would be….

It was simple. It was cute. And it was completely appropriate.


His favourite person to say it to?

The dog…