The Kid and Boobah

The day before my exam, Boobah’s Mom and Boobah himself (she doesn’t blog anymore, but you can still check out her old stuff) came to visit with The Kid and I. They had a smashing time playing in the garden, and eating biscuits. While the mommies got to chill on the grass, smoke and catch up. Here’s some more of the pictures.

Boobah's 'Chucky' face

Boobah's 'Chucky' face

The Kid with Boobah's Mom

The Kid with Boobah's Mom



a windswept and interesting Kid

a windswept and interesting Kid



Come back again soon, guys, ya hear?


Wordless Wednesday

Boys Will Be Boys

and boys love mud, don’t they? 11 months old, and has discovered the joys of the hose-pipe, and how to turn the entire garden into a wetland sanctuary for little boys. He loves it so much that when I switched it off, look what he did.

As if that would help…

The Way We Like It…

hot as hell, so he can play in the garden, with the hosepipe. He had an amazing time watering the drive way, the wall, the trees, the plants, the grass and even his mommy!

Bare in the Garden

My kid loves playing in the garden. More importantly, he loves playing naked in the garden. This time, however, managed to keep his shirt on – sun is cooking and dont want a sunburnt baby!

Another picture to file in the ‘cute, but embarrassing’ album.

Emergency Sting

Yesterday The Kid was playing happily outside in the garden, and suddenly all hell broke loose. He started screaming his face off. At first, I just ignored him, and carried on with my cigarette, because, well, he performs all the time you know. And then The Boyfriend’s Best Friend (The Kid’s Godfather) suggested that maybe something bit The Kid, and I should check his body for bites or stings.

Yup. I’d ignored my son’s cries while he got stung by a bee. Aren’t I just a fantastic mother? There was this huge yello and black sharp-looking sting stuck in his left foot, and he was screaming and sobbing his little lungs out.

We took him into the kitchen, and had absolutely no clue what to do. After much panicking, I decided to run the foot under the cold tap, which seemed to help. Hurriedly paged through the Baby Manual to see if there was anything about stings. There was. The Boyfriend phoned his mother in a panic. She told us what to do and then rushed over.

Where am I going with this? It’s important to know how to deal with bee/wasp stings. I didn’t think it would be a problem because I dont have flowers in my garden, but my son stepped on a bee that was (I think) resting on the grass. So, here’s a how-to guide on dealing with stings.


Bee stings are a little more troublesome as the bees leaves its stinger in the victim’s skin. If you try to pinch the sting out of the skin, you may actually pump more venom into the body.  Do not use tweezers either. The best thing to do is to scrape horizontally across the skin in order to knock the sting out (try using a credit card). Apply an antihestimine lotion or use baking soda mixed with water (this should reduce irritation).

You could also use tea tree oil on the area – it is an excellent anti-bacterial. My baby book also instructed me to rub the affected area with freshly-cut onion, as this will help to draw the venom out.


Wasp stings should be treated by rubbing vinegar onto the affected area of the skin. Alternatively, there are many lotions available that will treat wasp stings. Wasps dont leave a stinger behind, so the main concern is dealing with the pain shock of a sting.

If your child develops breathing difficulties, any swelling around eyes, lips, tongue or penis, any red blotching, light-headedness or fainting, then they must be seen by a doctor immediately.

At least we learnt one thing out of this minor ordeal. The Kid isn’t allergic to bee-stings.