There are few sadder sights than a wet bear hanging from a clothesline by its ears. Its says a lot for them that they never complain

The Kid has a teddy bear. Given to him by my grandmother (his great-grandmother) that he has absolutely grown to love. Over the last month, “Taddy” has become his constant companion. If The Kid goes to sleep, Taddy goes to sleep. If The Kid needs his hands/face to be wiped, I have to wipe Taddy’s face too.

The other day he comes to me, holds out his Taddy and says “Mommy, Taddy made a poopie. Wipe Taddy bum. Give Taddy clean nappy.” Which I then had to do, so gobsmacked was I at this string of instructions issued forth by my toddler.

Taddy, oh Taddy. I should have bought a few more of you when I saw you sitting on the shelves of that store all those months ago. But how was I to know that The Kid would become completely and utterly smitten with you?


He eats his dinner with Taddy:


Even shares his dinner with Taddy:


When The Kid baths, Taddy baths in the empty basin. Usually. Yesterday The Kid decided Taddy needed a bath, and mommy was busy, so The Kid bathed Taddy himself.

In the toilet.

And then comes rushing to me and tells me “Mommy, Mommy Taddy wet. Taddy bathing”.  One look into the bathroom told me that the sodden bear in my hand had just come out of the facilities and was, in fact, dripping toilet water.


And that was where The Kid spent the next forty or so minutes. Waiting for Taddy to get out of the washing machine. Crying for Taddy. Yanking on the doorhandle. Throwing himself against the washing machine and sobbing for Taddy.

Needless to say, Taddy didn’t even get a chance to hang on the line, but I doubt he’ll be revisiting the toiletbath in a hurry.


4 Responses

  1. Ha ha ha.. My little one’s monkey.. “baba” had all it’s hair pulled out when daughter was younger.. It looked AWFUL and she took it everywhere.. She even gardened with it.. (kiddy spade, loose sand, pour it into the puppet hole thingy underneath)… We had to “lose” it while in CT on holiday, and simultaneously give her a new, similar, (more presentable) toy.. surprisingly she didn’t miss it, and took to “Puppy” happily….

  2. Aw man… that is so sweet!

  3. This is too cute. I can’t imagine how hard it was to get “Taddy” away to put him in the washer!! I hope he was not too heart broken 😦

  4. i always wished silly monkey would have taken to a stuffed toy. he had a “cheeky monkey” for a few months, but it’s now in eternal slumber on his bed. he did, however, carry around the remote control to my old, broken tv for almost a year. i’m getting the thing bronzed.

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