It’s Usually When

…you’re the busiest that you don’t notice that the house has suddenly gone quiet.

And it’s usually when you’ve realised that the house has gone quiet that you realise that it’s perhaps a little bit too quiet.

So you investigate. And this is what you find:



And how can you possibly be mad with this gorgeous little devil when you ask him what he’s doing and he tells you:

Drawing sheep, mommy. Drawing sheep and making grass“.


And even though that was a full tub of baby cream. And even though I had a lot of cleaning to do – cream is surprisingly difficult to extract from a carpet – I really couldn’t be mad.

His answer was far too cute. So I took pictures instead, with my Blackberry.


7 Responses

  1. omg. too cute. shae’s done similar with vaseline. her hair was near impossible to get clean!

  2. Too cute!

  3. Awesome!
    He has to be the cutest nephew, like ever!

  4. LOL that’s too cute!

  5. thats just so cute what is it with kids and their fascination with creams? my nephew used to love turning them upside down to see how quickly it emptied

  6. That is so cute! I always worry when it gets too quiet. I am scared to find out what trouble my little girl is into.

  7. Ah. The mark of a true mommy. Taking pictures of everything.

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