Dinosaurs Go {RAWR}


The Kid is obsessed with dinosaurs. Little figurines, big ones, fluffy dinosaur toys, big battery-operated ones. He has dinosaurs of every single shape, colour and size.

He has a dinosaur that he cuddles while he’s falling asleep. His favourite game? Stomp around shouting ‘rawwwr’, pretending to be dinosaurs. If there’s anything with dinosaurs on TV, he’ll watch it.


He is starting to learn the names too:

Triceratops: he says “seratops”
Stegasaurus: he says “seggasaurus”
Pteradactyl: he says “dactyl”

Now mommy needs to learn the names too. Been far too long since school days.

As long as it’s not Barney The Dinosaur, I’m okay with it.


4 Responses

  1. wah ha ha. Maybe he’ll become and Anthropolologist.

  2. I hate Barney!

    It is honestly sad, I once asked a friend where a song came from and she didn’t know. In the end it was a song from the Barney and Mother Goose combo!

    Learning dinosaur names is much better!

  3. It is so cute watching him on all fours roaring and growling!

  4. check out pbskids.org. they have a new show here in the states called “dinosaur train”. very cute. my silly monkey loooooves it.

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