A Tale of Two Dummies


The Kid loves his dummy. Hardly ever lets his dummy go. Except when he goes to daycare, or I take it away from him when he’s playing. But if he needs to sleep, he needs his dummy. If we need to take him with us  shopping, he needs his dummy. It keeps his mouth shut and keeps him relatively quiet.

He’s going on 2 now, and I’m thinking it might be time to ditch the dummy. Which might prove difficult, because he asks for his dummy if I take it away. And he knows where the dummies are kept, and sometimes helps himself to more than just one.

I need help. How does one go about ditching the dummy? Kicking the habit and keeping it kicked?


7 Responses

  1. Get a blade and cut the dummy, so that it’s rough on his tongue – if it’s unpleasant in his mouth, he’ll ditch it quickly by himself. Haven’t done this myself (extraordinarily grateful that my boys hated dummies), but know someone who has – done and dusted in a day or two.

  2. I had a new baby right around the time my Sister was ready to get rid of her son’s dummy. She decided that they would send all of his old ones as a gift to the new baby. She talked about it for a week or two and made a big deal out of it. Then she and her boy packaged them up and dropped them in the mail. I took pictures of the baby with his “new” dummys. It worked well. Whenever he asked for it, she would remind him that they sent them to the new baby as a present.

  3. Guess who came to visit us last night….?

    That’s right, the Dummy Fairy! We put one of Boobah’s dummies into a special Dummy Fairy Bag (cleverly grabbed hold of an organza bag I had stuffed somewhere) and after much discussion and promise that she will take it to a special place in Fairy Land for safe keeping, AND that she will bring him a Money (which turned out to be a big fancy new R5 coin) in return, we popped the dummy in the bag, in his slipper, in front of his bed. But, the DF only comes out at night when everyone is sleeping, because she’s scared of Mommies and Boobahs…

    I did entice him further with the promise to take him shopping with his DF Money so that he can buy himself his very own Ben 10 Omnitrix Watch (his words….) seeing as he feels about Ben 10 the way The Kid does about dinosaurs.

    It worked a treat, as he went to bed without asking for it once, never woke up during the night asking for it, and this morning, his usual first words (or demands = “DUMMY”) were happily MIA.

    Try adapting this for you and The Kid….

  4. One afternoon just before my second son’s third birthday I said to him that he must throw the dummy away, explaining that he was now old enough to enjoy not having one. I was gobsmacked the next morning when he heard me putting out the rubbish that he brought the dummies to the kitchen and threw them out saying “All done. Big boy now”.

    It reminded me that it’s when the kid is ready – not the mother 🙂

    Good luck!

  5. This is adorable, your blog. Love the pictures and the language — i.e. “dummy” instead of pacifier, “rubbish” instead of “trash”, “gobsmacked”. Are you from England. Really enjoyed reading this. I’ll let my other mommy friends know about you. Signed an appreciative Midwesterner, Gloris

  6. p.s. my blog is http://www.gloriadelia.wordpress.com. It’s a daily devotional blog. I’d love it if all you mommies visited me. 🙂

  7. Fortunately my young ‘uns outgrew their pacifiers without intervention. I have no words of advice other than “eventually he will outgrow them.” Not everyone is willing to wait.

    Oh – and one of kiddos was egged into giving up the bottle by a grandparent who chided her regularly. She finally threw the last bottle away herself. I think if you do the chiding it might bring out rebellion in your own children, though. That’s what I ran into.

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