Thursday Challenge

photo1471A Thursday photo meme, found here.The theme for this week is ‘SOFT‘.

Here’s my interpretation of it.

This picture was taken in May this year. The Kid would have been six months old. In the mornings, he’d wake up, I’d bring him back to bed with me, feed him a bottle, and he’d fall asleep and I’d leave him to sleep in my bed for an hour or so, while I made The Boyfriend breakfast and packed his lunch for work.

On this particular morning, I came back into the bedroom, and this is what I saw. The Kid sleeping with one hand thrown over his head, and his other hand tucked under his chin. The duvet pulled over his head. It made my heart completely soft with love.

I don’t know about other mommies, but I’m certainly of the firm belief that I love my child the most when he’s asleep. When his face is softened by sleep. His lips are all pouty, and he sleeps with complete abandon and trust. Faith that all is right with the world, and that there’s nothing that mommy and daddy can’t fix.

That, dear readers, is what makes my hard heart completely soft..


5 Responses

  1. WHAT a divine pic. Yip, I too love ’em more when they’re asleep. Dammit.

  2. oh my goodness exmi… thats so so cute!

  3. Sometimes I feel exactly the same way, although guiltily so. I love to watch my sleeping baby, so peaceful, so innocent. It is such a precious and pure moment that I want to just hold onto forever.

  4. Sleeping babies are the best. What a great photo!!

  5. definitely soft. just wait until you have to teach him “gentle”. he’ll act like he understands, that is until you fall in the snow and bruise your body and then he’ll hit you “gently” with a few toys. er… wait… maybe that’s just my kid.

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