I Love

dscn0541….watching The Kid eat.

It’s a completely new experience for him, and he enjoys every second of it. He squelches food in his hands, mashes it onto his feeding tray and experiences every different texture.

He has not yet learnt about manners, and how to eat with his mouth closed, so when he eats, he focuses completely on enjoyment. He doesn’t worry about getting food on his face, in his hair, down his front or in his ears. He just focuses on the taste and smell.

He’s completely willing to experiment, and will eat anything I put in front of him. Even celery. Although if he doesn’t like something, or has had enough, he’s quick to spit it out, or remove it from his mouth with his hands.

He loves fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruit. As much of it as he can get. I admire his total lack of interest in a spoon or a fork, as well. His fingers and hands serve him perfectly in this regard, and it’s easiest to get the food into his mouth this way.

I think we as adults and so-called ‘civilised people’ worry too much about things like plates and cutlery. Serviettes, and staying clean.

A reminder of where we once were, and how we once ate, as babies, could serve to bring much enjoyment back to meal-times!


4 Responses

  1. HAHAHA he looks so cute!! I agree. Teaching them texture and different tastes is much more important then keeping them clean (an impossible job in any case)

    On Saturdays when I’m home with Megan the whole day we make surprize bowls. I take 4 bowls of different bright colours and each week we fill them with different things to touch and taste

    A Few examples:

    1. Jelly
    2. Flour & water (don’t taste that good but very soft and messy)
    3. Liquidised fruit
    4. Bread softened in milk and honey
    5. Garlic and Philladelphia Cheese
    6. Mud
    7. Water mixed with Sunlight liquid and then she blows bubbles with a straw in the bowl
    8. Peanutbutter – hours of entertainment!!!
    9. Glue (Ponal) and polestyrine – hardest to clean of all.
    10. Crumbed cookies

    She loves the “surprise” aspect of it when I reveal the content!

  2. that is SUCH a good idea!

  3. Kids are a lot of fun to watch. In fact, all my theater professors recommend observing children because their actions are not influenced, most of the time, by what others think. Also, they know how to relax and not tense up all the time. He he.

  4. do you know what you’ll LOVE even more? potty training. that’s a whole new experiment. haha.

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