Monday’s Muse

mondaysmuse125x250aka ‘the meme for creative moms‘. I found this over at Maternal Spark, and thought I’d like to jump on this bandwagon.

The question:

What’s inspiring you this week?

That’s a good one. I’m not too sure, so it might be good to get it written out. Let’s see. Things inspiring me:

  1. The need to organise the upstairs loft – it’s currently my study and The Kid’s playroom. I need to organise it so that his toys are better laid out, and my studying stuff is more organised. But how to make it kid and mommy friendly?
  2. The Kid’s birthday party we’re having this month. I’ve chosen an ‘under the sea’ theme, and have matching cups, plates and party packs. Now I need to think about party food, and little gifts to go in the party packs.
  3. Children’s stories. I want to write one for my Kid. And possibly even illustrate it, but I dont know if I’ll go that far. Inspiration for that? Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree.
  4. Lists. I am making plenty of them, and they are scattered all over the house. I cant seem to get enough of making lists.
  5. My Kid is starting to walk. Not by himself yet, but he holds onto the back of my pants/skirt and walks behind me. I need to figure out how to get him walking by himself.

Any one got any suggestions on how to help me execute these inspirations?


3 Responses

  1. Ok so I don’t know about the first 4 but I can help with number 5. I bought the Chicco Activity Walker and it made my life soooooooooo easy.

    My LO followed me through the whole house and explored on her own while holding onto her walker. It’s safe, cute and too expensive for my liking but hey I’m gonna have more kids (I think).

    Don’t mind borrowing it to you to see if he will use it. If he likes it then you gotta fork out R500 bucks…:-(

  2. Thank you so much for participating in Monday’s Muse! It’s such an exciting time when they are learning to walk. Don’t worry, he’ll be running before you know it – they learn so fast! Enjoy planning the birthday party, the theme sounds really fun.

  3. WOW !, your list inspires me too, except for #5 ( and i can’t wait for my Lorelai to learn how to walk, sounds like fun) #4 is definetly what i do too, LISTS SCATTERED EVERYWHERE AROUND THE HOUSE.

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