The Real Mom Meme

I found this over at Nine Months For Life, and I think the point is to get the meme to mutate.

I posted this a while ago, but because I think it’s such a success, and can be sooo much fun if the list of ‘real mom’ moments gets really really long, I’m posting it again, and tagging a whole bunch of new people. So c’mon people, let’s get this meme to mutate as much as possible!

According to her, she was tagged by Amy, and that this is what Wikipedia says a MEME is:

“Proponents of memes suggest that memes evolve via natural selection — in a way very similar to Charles Darwin’s ideas concerning biological evolution — on the premise that variation, mutation, competition, and “inheritance” influence their replicative success. For example, while one idea may become extinct, other ideas will survive, spread and mutate — for better or for worse — through modification.”

So we’re all about mutation and propagation here, people. As we’ve all already subdivided and had kids, let’s mutate! Add yours to the list.

1. Real Moms don’t flinch when they talk about boobs. They do make you laugh your brains out.

2. Real moms go on vacation. Real moms go on vacation and learn to play traffic cop.

3. Real moms brag about their kids

3. Real moms do not mince words when they present the truth.

4. Real moms juggle

5. Real moms “resist the guilt and embrace the journey”

6. Real moms don’t give a damn to media generated Mommy Wars

and mine:

7. Real moms have kids with potty mouths.

The rules:

  • Copy the above text to your blog, leaving all links in tact, and add in who tagged you.
  • Add your ‘real mom’ contribution to the list.
  • Tag as many moms as you can.
  • And meme-ify!

Okay, I tag:

  1. Angel – Because I know she’s a bad mommy and a real mommy.
  2. Because I Can – because she doesn’t get tagged nearly enough.
  3. LauraKim – she’s doing NaBloPoMo, and I’m giving her additional material in case she hits a bit of a blogging wall.
  4. Cath – Because real moms only tag other real moms, and she has a divine little smartie-loving girl, and I’m meeting them in December!
  5. Jenty – because she tagged me in a meme, and it’s tit for tat here lady.
  6. JustB[coz] -I’ve never tagged her before, and I hope she plays along…
  7. Katharine Unabridged– because I’m new to her blog, and wanna learn more about her mommy-perspective.
  8. Kicking You From The Inside – she did my meme last time, and I’m hoping she will again. By the way, I never thanked you for my award…
  9. Life Without Instructions– there’s instructions here, so please read them this time, okay? 😉
  10. Mommy Is Moody– because she needs a time-out from real life, I think.
  11. The Jackson Files – because she likes to play along and overshare sometimes.
  12. Mommy Notes – because her last post is political, and I think she needs a break from such seriousness!
  13. Pia – show us some real mom love, dear!

New tag-ees:

  1. Me + 3 – with three kids, she must have a whole lot of ‘real mom’ moments.
  2. One Bad Mom – with a blog name like that, you know she gonna show some goods!
  3. Mommiverse – let’s see what you got in that mommy universe there.
  4. MommyMae – I’m new to your blog as well, and wanna see whatcha can bring to the meme table.
  5. The Blozulfog – Been a lurker for ages, now wanna get a bit of an inside scoop.
  6. The Brat, The Bean and Bedlam – bedlam, you say? Prove it!
  7. The Momagement – let’s see how you manage your ‘real mom’ moments.
  8. TinaMasFina – show us yours, mommy!
  9. Cheaper Than Therapy – because this is a form of therapy. And it’s free!

And anyone else who wants to play along!


10 Responses

  1. accepted. looks like a good one!

  2. Cool, I love all these meme’s for the NaBloPoMo thing!! I’ll have to think about it though.

  3. […] by jenty under Arb | Tags: meme, parenting |   I got tagged for this meme by ExMi on the Bad Mommy Blog… it seems to be about mutation?! “Proponents of memes suggest that memes evolve via natural […]

  4. why, thank you!!! this looks like fun. I’m in.

  5. Pressure! The pressure! Did it, though. Thanks, ExMi;-)

  6. I’ll put mine up in my next post…right after I ‘unpack’

  7. I’m in.. I’ll get to work.Thanks!

  8. ooohh thank you!!

    Going to do this one for next week 🙂

    LOL when I first read Angels list I actually had potty mouth as my one!!

  9. I wanted to come over and see what the meme was like when you got it. I love your addition. And , yes, we do!

  10. Did mine too!

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