Wordless Wednesday

n903830440_1858925_1457Digging through the archives, I came up with this. One week old. And tomorrow, he’ll be one year old.

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9 Responses

  1. So fragile and innocent! 🙂

    My Life in this Wonderful World

  2. […] Wordless Wednesday – photo of a one-week old Kid. […]

  3. Oh hes so lil and cute..
    He looks the same too. Do you get what I mean? his face n stuff he looks like the Kid.

  4. QB – yeah, i totally get what you mean…



  5. Amazing how time flies and how fast they grow! Happy WW!

  6. Cute picture! I remember when my boys were that little. Incredible how fast time flies!

  7. Awe, he’s so cute!!

    Happy birthday for tomorrow little man!!

  8. you’ve got yourself one big healthy baby. Congrats and happy birthday to you, afterall, you did all the birthing. hahaha.

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    Thank You very much.

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