My Birth Story

The day before I was due to pop – weighed about 91kg. Holy crap I know!!! Went to the doctor for a pelvic examination to assess whether my pelvis was big enough to push out this baby – doctor said should be, but he wanted to induce labour that night. Didn’t want to wait any longer for some reason or another. Freaked out a little when I heard that news – I had been hoping to ask for another week – still had one more assignment due, and hadnt completely sorted the new house out yet. But he insisted. It was going to happen and it was going to happen that night. Wandered around the house in a daze, packing my stuff and making dinner.
The Boyfriend insisted on shaving me before taking me to the hospital. That was rather embarrassing, I wont lie. This whole pregnancy and birth thing completely stripped me of any dignity I had. How on earth can you be dignified bent over the bath so your boyfriend can shave your nether regions and in so doing gets to see parts of you that you yourself have never seen and that NO ONE ELSE EVER SHOULD?
The Boyfriend had to invite his BFF(the godfather) over for moral support to keep him from freaking out. (This was after the shaving had taken place. Hehe. they are close, but not that close) Think my dazed calmness rattled him a bit. 9pm we hit the hospital and booked in to Arwyp Medical Centre.
The Pushing Room. Not much pushing happened here. They stuck me in here, hooked me up to the machine (below) that monitors the baby’s heart beat and all sorts of other crap and made me wait. Had to sign all these forms. Got very uptight because I wanted to walk around, hopefully help the labour start that way, kept hauling all the machinery-kak off me and ducking around the corner, bit difficult trailing an IV drip along with me. Plus there wasn’t very far to go or anywhere to hide in the maternity ward, so the nurses kept hauling me back to the Pushing Room.

Annoying monitoring equipment. Forgot what it’s called. Looking at these pictures now, it’s hard to believe there’s a baby in there somewhere!! At about 1am, the nurse stuck some hormone pills up my va-jay-jay to induce labour. Started to get contractions. They started out at 5mins apart, and then went to 8mins apart and then 12 mins and then stopped. Not very painful – I’d had worse period pains. All this lasted about 3hours – with me still trying to duck off and walk around. I’d been given strict instructions from my mother that I should not lie down once the contractions start, that walking around allows gravity to assist with the birth, making it easier. But the bloody nurses kept hauling my ass back. I must have been a sight, wandering around the maternity ward in the middle of the night, pushing my IV drip and trying to hold my bum inside one of those awful hospital gowns. At that stage I didn’t give a toss, I was hellbent on having a natural birth.

All the inducing and contractions was taking so long my poor boyfriend got exhausted and had to sleep on the floor next to my bed. Needless to say, he got more sleep than I did that night. Another invasion of my va-jay-jay occured. Pill No 2 was shoved up there in an attempt to induce me again. Was given until 8am, if nothing happened, the doctor said I was going to have a C-section. Just my luck, nothing happened. Labour didn’t progress and at 8am, the doctor came in and instructed the nurse to prepare me for theatre.
The anaethetist came in – crazy German sounding dude – and discussed my options with me. Was thinking of having a spinal block, but then he said the gaps between my vertebrae are not big enough, there’s a chance the spinal block might work. So opted to be put under general anaesthetic for the procedure. Cried my eyes out. Really didn’t want to have a caesarian. Was too scared to be awake for it, and was highly upset I was going to miss the birth of my boy.

The Boyfriend all dressed up in his scrubs. Waiting outside the operating theatre. Still crying my eyes out. Very emotional. Every time a nurse would ask me what was wrong, I’d just start to bawl harder. Inside the operating theatre. I assume that’s me under that blue blanket with all the tubes going into me. That’s the paedetrician in the background, getting himself ready for the arrival of my baby boy. E.R style. Freaky to think that they’re cutting me open and poking around inside me. My doctor is on the right. Luckily blue is my colour, because that’s all you see of me in this picture!! Those are some big scissors. Anaethetist on the right. Glad to see he’s taking his job seriously.

More big scissors. That blonde hair on the left is me. The person getting butchered with them long sharp scissors is me.

Hauling the baby out. If you look carefully you can see some blood and guts. Look how my skin has collapsed in on itself after the baby was removed. I never expected the umbilical cord to look like that. Totally bizzare.

Cutting the umbilical cord. Look at his wrinkly little feet!!

Toes and balls! toes and balls!!Look at my naked little bundle of red-ness getting manhandled by doctors with tubes and needles! Although it might look like they’re trying to get him to smoke a hubbly pipe – they’re not. They’re flushing out his air passages and helping him breathe. Getting pushed through the birth canal stimulates the baby to start breathing, stimulates all his organs and stuff like that. Getting cut out means none of that happens, so the doctors have to do it all manually. Look at me, sounding like I know what I’m talking about!!So much of cuteness! Proud daddy. Very tired though. You’d think he’d just given birth!!

On the scale. My boy weighed 3.76 kg at birth. Looks like he’s drizzing, shame poor bugger!

Raising his temperature in an incubator. Look how long his fingernails are. And how wide awake he is!

The first time I got to hold my baby. Still woozy from the drugs, very sore, very swollen. First workds out of my mouth when I opened my eyes was ‘where’s my baby?!’

So nothing happened the way I had planned – I didn’t get the natural birth with no painkillers I wanted. Instead I was out cold while they hacked the baby out. Still love him though. Still think he’s gorgeous and wouldn’t change a thing!

Now say nice things about my baby!


15 Responses

  1. I was also given a general anasthetic, and I am still mad about it to this day. I really wish I could have been awake for my baby’s first cry. And I hated being so woozy afterwards. I don’t think I was really coherant for a while – not the way you want to be on the day your baby is born!!

    p.s. your baby is beautiful!

  2. I have seen pics of many babies post birth and (dont tell my friends) i think yours is the cleanist and that also makes it the cutest!!!

  3. Love this new blog, Love yer other blog.
    Look how big your little one is… wow!
    Thank you for sharing your birth story with us.

  4. I love it! I had the same experience. I wanted an all natural birth, but Luke decided he would be breech….can’t really complain too, much, though!

  5. what a beautiful baby!
    and mom and dad …
    that’s awesome…
    thanks for sharing…
    my least is 12 now….
    what wonderful days you are in!

  6. He’s gorgeous! How come he looked so CLEAN all the time? Aren’t they supposed to be covered in goo when they come out???

    I wonder what my day will be like. I’m trying not to set my heart on anything and let my body, baby and gynae decide how things are going to work!

  7. he is just gawjiss intee…

    tell me- just curious- did the doctor ever say why he wanted to induce?

  8. Having recently become a father, I can now (finally) understand what you’re talking about. When we found out we were pregnant in January, it was a bit of a shock – not unplanned, mind you, but just surprising. We had no idea what was going to happen next, what we needed to learn, and the process which we were going to go through. I suggest to my wife that we have a natural home birth, so she got all the books and started studying, started searching online, watching Youtube birthing videos (!). And honestly, the story you’re telling is not unique – so many mothers have had to go through this process where your doctor, not you, was making the decisions for you. My wife wanted nothing to do with that – she dislikes doctors with a passion – and she was not willing to let a doctor be ‘in charge’. Well, I’m really really glad that we had the homebirth, because everything became her decision. Ultimately, what I learnt is that doctors treat everything like a medical emergency – but birth is a natural process! But the most important thing is that you now have a beautiful, happy, healthy child … regardless of how the birth happened. I showed my wife your blog, so she subscribed now … we look forward to reading more of you stories so that we know what to expect in a year or so!

  9. Marcel – I would have loved to have a natural birth, but like i said, the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck, preventing him from descending into the birth canal, so an emergency c-section was the only solution.

    looking back, it’s not the end of the world. the recovery time was quick, and there were no complications..

    good luck to you and your wife!!

    ps: glad you guys got the birth you wanted!

  10. Aaaah, yes. Sorry, I didn’t know about the wrapped cord – but I’m confused: why would they induce you if you needed a C-section anyway? I must add that if there had been any complications, we would have elected a C-section too … fortunately that wasn’t the case.

  11. labour was induced because my gynae and i decided it was time for the baby to come. he was full term, and if he was going to come naturally, inducement was the only way to do it.

    unfortunately inducement failed twice, which is when the doctor decided to do an emergency c-section, because he knew something was wrong. it was only after they opened me up that they saw the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.

  12. there’s always a worry when a baby is full-term and starts going into over time that the placenta wont provide proper nutrition anymore, because it starts to deteriorate. one of the estimated dates of arrival i’d been given was the 7th of Nov, so by the time the 13th came around, he was well ready to come out.

    and everything else i’d tried myself to induce labour didn’t work – spicy food, long walks, cleaning like a mad thing, lots of sex…

    so i had to be induced – at least the doc was willing to let me try have natural birth.

  13. […] 6. How long were you in labor? 12 hours or so. But it was very mild. My labour never progressed past the 1st stage. I was induced twice, but labour failed both times, because the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s shoulders, preventing him from descending into the birth canal, so there was no way he was coming out naturally. Eventually had an emergency c-section. Read the story and see the pics here. […]

  14. Pretty interesting place you’ve got here. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

    Truly yours

  15. […] from the scene are that at least five hundred people gathered near the Arwyp Medical Centre. The causes of the riots are subject for police investigation and […]

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