List of Things to Pack for the Hospital

Okay, here goes. You will need, for a 4-5 day stay in hospital, the following items: (the stuff for a natural delivery I will italicise – otherwise everything else is the same) Obviously, with a natural birth the hospital will discharge you after about 48hrs, so just adjust the list accordingly. Also, check with your hospital what stuff they provide you, and then cross it off the list.

your birth plan
a watch for timing contractions

your labour gear – portable CD player, camera, batteries, massage oils, exercise ball etc.
sweets – whatever you prefer – Cristine suggested Super Cs and Tara wants to take peppermint tea
lip balm (apparently your lips get very dry during labour)
4-5 nighties (if you’re having a c-section dont bother with pj pants or anything like that, you wont want anything rubbing against your wound, believe me!)
lots of underwear (someone suggested disposable panties)
nursing bras – the clip-open ones – if you’re breastfeeding
3 bottles and nipples and accessories – if you’re bottle feeding
1 tin chosen formula – if you’re bottle feeding
2 packs maternity pads
dressing gown
towels (preferably dark ones)
cell phone charger
toiletries – toothbrush, soap, shampoo and conditioner, face cloth etc
hair brush and elastic bands/ hair clips. (i forgot this, and wasn’t it annoying!?)
clothes to wear home.

4-5 warm babygros
4-5 shortsleeve bodyvests
going-home outfit – if you want it to be something cute/special.
1 pack newborn disposable nappies
1 pack cotton wool balls
1 pack wet wipes
1 dummy in container for sterilising
baby towels
burp cloths
2-3 receiving blankets
1 warm blanket
baby bath products – unscented (only use scented products after 6 weeks)
bum creme
safety ear buds
face cloth

It’s a good idea to micro-organise things in Ziplock bags, so they’re all easily accessible – and also to prevent items leaking and spilling everywhere!

I think that’s about it, if anyone else can think of anything else, just add it in the comments!


4 Responses

  1. Reading this suddenly brings home the fact that I’m going to have to go through this soon. EEK!

  2. and to think that when damien was born, the only baby stuff i had to take was his going-home outfit… and for me all i needed was clothes and such. the hospital supplied everything else!

  3. I had an unexpected c section and needed more onesies for my baby for the longer hospital stay so I wish i would have brought more like this list says. Also I was happy to have our breast pump packed in the car; my husband was able to bring it up with the lactation consultant there in the room, and this helped in learning to operate that thing.
    Also I remember I was really happy to have had a handmade receiving blanket and swaddle blanket from this company as a shower gift:

  4. CD Players are nice but today we have DVD players and Blu-ray players that are even nicer .:-

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