Sleepless Night

1 month old

1 month old

The other night, after I blogged about ways to soothe your baby, mine did not want to sleep that night. Refused point blank, and cried, and cried and cried. No matter what I did. Tried giving him a bottle, putting his nightlight on, playing soft music and generally leaving him to cry it out.

Which, as every mother knows, is the MOST frustrating thing to do, because it is impossible for you to fall asleep while you can hear your child crying. So, eventually, sometime after midnight I landed up running a really hot lavender scented bath, lit two candles and lay in the bath with my son.

He at first thought it was playtime, because bathtime normally is. But, then I lay him on my chest and rubbed his back, and he eventually fell asleep in the bath. Then I dressed my sleepy baby, gave him a warm bottle, and put him to bed. He slept. But only for another 2 hours or so. He woke up crying unconsolably again.

I lay on the couch with him swaddled in his blankets, put his head on my chest, and wouldn’t let him lift his head up. Until eventually he fell asleep from sheer exhaustion from trying to fight me.

Why, after sleeping through since 5 months of age, did he suddenly now have one bad night, out of the blue? I reckon it’s because The Boyfriend’s Parents disturbed his routine. Normally he stays with them from Saturday night and gets back home Sunday afternoon, and he is bathed and put through his bedtime routine here. But this time The Boyfriend’s mother bathed him and gave him dinner way before she brought him home to us. She messed with his entire routine.

That just goes to show the importance of routine, I guess.

But, regardless of the fact that I didn’t get much sleep that night, it was a rare opportunity to spend some quality time with my baby at night. Lying in the bath, with him sleeping on my chest, rubbing his back, feeling his heart beat against mine, and watching the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed was something I haven’t been able to do since he was about 2 weeks old. He hasn’t slept on my chest since he was very, very new. Even though I was tired and frustrated, feeling his little weight on my chest was worthwhile.

And it’s a kind of bonding that dads dont really get to experience. Because, let’s face it, when babies are inconsolable, or completely miserable, the only person they want is mommy.

And sometimes. Just sometimes. Those mommy moments aren’t as bad as they seem.


5 Responses

  1. You have so much patience!! I couldnt imagine what that would be like, having a baby not want to go to sleep.

    Maybe you could ask the boyfriends mum not to disturb the routine unless she wants a fone call at 2am with a crying baby on the end of it!!

  2. the boyfriend did phone her and shit her out.

    she was like ‘i know what i’m doing, i’ve raised 3 kids’.

    bloody hell.

  3. Sounds awesome (not the crying part but the bath and swaddling). Can’t wait!

  4. Awww, sweet little baby boy. You’re right, it’s so hard not to get fustrated, but then sometimes you realize how lucky we are to get these special bonding times with our kids while they’re so little. Even if it is at 4:30 am.

  5. That’s a really nice way of looking at it. I’ll try to remember that.

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