The Humorous Side of Being a Parent


Wordless Wednesday

My Men

Look how tall my little boy is getting. I love this photo – maybe it’s because I’m girlfriend to the one and mother to the other, that it means something to me…

But regardless, it melts my heart.

Lucky Boy

Present from The Boyfriend’s Sister (aka The Kid’s Aunt) from her recent trip to London. A Paddington the Bear original teddy bear.

How cute is the little tag? Of course we’re going to look after this bear..

And, two last Paddington gifts – books. ‘Paddington and the Marmalade Maze’ and ‘Paddington Abroad – Adventures of the bear from darkest Peru’.Did anyone else love Paddington as a kid, and did you pass it on to your kid as well?

Seriously, How Cool Are These?

Bad Mommy Moment

I learnt something the other day.

When they tell you not to leave your kid unattended in the bath, it’s for good reason.

I left The Kid unattended in the bath for about 2 minutes, while I went to prepare his bedtime bottle.

Needless to say, as I picked up the bottle, and walked toward the bathroom, I heard a thump and then some heart-wrenching sobs. My kid had leaned over the edge of the tub, because he’d dropped a toy on the floor, and he spilled out onto the tiles. Head first, of course.

And his nose started bleeding, and he cried. And cried. And cried some more.

I had to get into the bath with him, and lay him on my chest and rub his back until his tears were gone.

Yes, terrible mother. Bad mistake.

Lesson learnt: do not leave Kid unattended in the bath. ever.

Boys Will Be Boys

and boys love mud, don’t they? 11 months old, and has discovered the joys of the hose-pipe, and how to turn the entire garden into a wetland sanctuary for little boys. He loves it so much that when I switched it off, look what he did.

As if that would help…